Connecting Possibilities, Building Futures
At Sulaimaniy Company, we take pride in being a trusted dynamic company that provides a wide range of different services. With our expertise and dedication to quality, we strive to facilitate efficient transactions and assist our clients in reaching their objectives.
Brokerage Services
We mainly operate in brokerage services where we serve as partners with banks to professionally assist companies and individuals in their financial works and transactions.
General Trading
Our company acts as a middleman, in which we have a direct relationship with our customers in a wide range of services. Our deep understanding of the market and extensive network allow us to connect buyers and sellers, enabling smooth and efficient transactions.
Mobile Phone Trading
We also specialize in mobile phone trading from around the globe, bringing to you the latest phones in the market with affordable prices. We offer a wide selection of top-quality mobile devices for your personal daily use or wholesale orders for your business.
Providing Legal Banking Cards
We also specialize in providing all kinds of legal banking cards such as Master Cards and Visa Cards that are available in the market.
International Transportation
Shipping goods to Iraq has become easier with our international transportation service at Sulaimaniy Company. We make sure that your goods will reach their destination safely and in a timely manner as we handle all the work and logistics of international shipping and transportation.
National & International Real Estate Services
Finding the perfect home can be challenging, that’s why our real estate service is here to ensure satisfactory residential or commercial properties to cater to all our clients’ needs.
Sulaymaniyah Branch
0770 155 9446
Kirkuk Branch
0770 155 9446
Erbil Branch
0770 155 9446
Halabja Branch
0770 155 9446
Duhok Branch
0770 155 9446
Soran Branch
0770 155 9446
Sky Bazz FZE
For import, export, trade of construction materials, petroleum products and spare parts of electrical and electronic equipment
Zhyan – FZCO
For mobile phones and accessories, refrigerators, washing machines and household appliances
Sulaimani for general trade
Aros for currency exchange
Bashmakh outlet
for distribute salaries of employees and pensioners through the use of smart cards
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